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NON-STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION OF ADDITIONAL EDUCATION "GEOTEK College"  was founded in 1996 and became a pioneer of the private educational sector in Russia. Geotek-College started as a language school with a license for educational activities from the Department of Education of the City of Moscow.

In 2015, the school received the status of a college of additional professional education with two areas of additional and professional education: Linguistic and Engineering:

In present we offer:
●     offline and online language courses in English and German
●     international exams in foreign languages
●     programs of additional professional education for teachers of foreign languages
●     programs of additional professional education for professional engineers
●     study abroad service: consultations and support for studying foreign languages abroad
●     consultations and support for obtaining higher education abroad
●     advanced training for geological engineers and designers in Russia and abroad

As an educational agency, we sent more than 1,500 schoolchildren and students to study abroad in language schools, language camps, universities and colleges. 

Geotek-College is an active member of Russian and international associations such as:
●     Accredited and registered centre for Language Cert English exams
●     Association of Russian Educational Advisors (AREA)
●     Accredited by the International Conferences and Educational Fair (ICEF)and participates in the annual ICEF conferences in Moscow, Berlin, Toronto, online. At the meetings, we establish contacts with foreign educational partners and universities around the world. 
●     Partner Agency of the International Association of Language Centers (IALC ),
●     Member of Felca-Federation of Education and Language Consulting Associations (FELCA)
●     Partner of linguistic schools of the International Association Quality English